Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry

The attainment of the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry, designates that, in the estimation of the administration and faculty, the graduate has successfully completed college level work in the areas of Bible and religion, general education, and ministry; and through his work and study at Cebu Bible College has made measurable progress toward the following objectives:

  • Regarding his personal life, he demonstrates faith in God, commitment to Christ, and a high regard for the Scriptures as the embodiment of the message of God for the world.
  • In his relationships with others he shows evidence of upright character, moral integrity, and Christian love.
  • In his daily life he exhibits selflessness, compassion, and understanding.
  • His knowledge of history and philosophy enables him to take a connected view of old and new, past and present, far and near, and to have insight into the influence of these things one to another.
  • He makes effective use of the tools of learning and inquiry.
  • He has a passion for lost souls and understands how to communicate the Gospel to individuals in varying life circumstances and social settings.


Requirements for Graduation

In addition to demonstrating to the administration and faculty that he has grown significantly toward the objectives outlined above, and that he adheres faithfully to the essentials of the Christian message found in the Bible; the student must accomplish the following:

  • The student must have satisfactorily completed 156 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or above (based on the American system, 4.0 being the highest possible score).
  • The student must have completed one (1) year of internship, (after his/her senior year) with an approved congregation anywhere in the country. Satisfactory results acceptable by the congregation with which he works and by the CBC administration are required.
  • The student must have participated in three (3) summer field work internship assignments, with satisfactory results acceptable by the congregation with which he works and by the CBC administration.
  • The student must also have satisfactorily participated in at least four (4) one-week evangelistic campaigns supervised by CBC administration and/or faculty.
  • Finally, the student must appear before a review board composed of members of the faculty and administration. The interview, scheduled near the end of the student’s last semester, serves as an opportunity to review the student’s record, reflect on his experiences while at college, and to discuss his plans for the future.  The interviewing committee is empowered to deny a candidate the right of graduation.
  • The course requirements for the B.A. in Bible and Ministry are outlined in the following table.


Suggested Curriculum for B.A. in Bible & Ministry

Under normal circumstances, fulltime students are able to complete the requirements for the B.A. in Bible within five years (including one year of internship).  The following is a suggested schedule making this possible:


First Semester

Course Name Units
Personal Evangelism 1 3
Language Arts 1 3
Principles of Speech 1 3
Old Testament Survey 3
Music, Song, and Leading Worship 3
Bible Geography 1.5
How to Study the Bible 1.5

Second Semester

Course Name Units
Personal Evangelism 2 3
Language Arts 2 3
Principles of Speech 2 3
Scheme of Redemption 3
Backgrounds of Early Christianity 3
General Introduction to the Bible 1.5
New Testament Survey 1.5


First Semester

Course Name Units
Prep. & Delivery of Sermons 3
Language Arts 3 3
Principles of Bible Interpretation 3
Denominational Doctrines 3
Sound Doctrine 3
Church History 1 3
Electives – The Songs of Israel 3
Electives – The Holy Spirit

Second Semester

Course Name Units
Galatians or Romans 3
Language Arts 4 3
History of Israel 3
Major World Religions 3
Catholic Doctrines vs. the Bible 3
Church History 2 3
Electives – Spiritual Disciplines 3
Electives – Wisdom for Living


First Semester

Course Name Units
Psychology 3
I Corinthians 3
Prison Epistles 3
Introduction to Philosophy 3
Hebrews 3
Major Prophets 3
General Epistles 3

Second Semester

Course Name Units
Psychology 2 3
Introduction to Biblical Criticism 3
Minor Prophets 3
Revelation 3
Classroom Methods for Teachers 3
Electives – Youth & Campus Ministry 3
Electives – II Corinthians


First Semester

Course Name Units
The Preacher and His Work 3
Church Leadership 3
A Study of Biblical Worship 3
The Pentateuch 3
Pastoral Epistles 3
Counseling 3
Elementary Greek 3

Second Semester

Course Name Units
Christian Evidences & Apologetics 3
Marriage and the Christian Home 3
Mission of the Church 3
The Gospels 3
Acts of the Holy Spirit 3
Elective – Economics and Money Mgt 3
Senior Seminars

In addition to the credit work listed above, each student is required to complete five (5) hours of evangelism and discipleship outreach each week.