Applying for Admission to Cebu Bible College

We at Cebu Bible College (CBC) are thankful that you are interested in studying at CBC and pursuing a degree in Bible and Ministry.  We would also like to applaud you for investigating this step toward possibly becoming a full-time servant/worker in the Lord’s Kingdom.  Applying for Admission to CBC involves seven (7) steps:

  1. Fill out the Application for Admission form and submit the original Form 137 (High school report card) or certificate of completion indicating eligibility for college.
  2. Provide a Letter of Recommendation from your parents. Your parents also need to read and sign the CBC Letter to Parents which contains policies and expectations of Cebu Bible College.
  3. Provide a Letter of Recommendation using the Confidential Personal Reference Form from the preacher of your congregation where you have been worshiping for at least 2 years.
  4. Provide a Letter of Recommendation using the Confidential Academic Reference Form from your High school Principal or Teacher/Adviser.
  5. Write an Essay (in English and at least 500 words) which tell us:

    i. Why you want to come to CBC.
    ii.Why you believe you should be admitted for study at CBC.
    iii. Your goals and plans after graduating from CBC with a degree in Bible and Ministry
    (Note:The Essay form is included in the Application for Admission)

  6. Fill out and submit the Religious Background Questionnaire.
  7. Take and pass the CBC Entrance Exam (English Proficiency Qualifying Exam).

We recommend personally delivering your application to a CBC representative in your area; or sending your completed application by email if possible.  Scan your completed application forms and send them to this email address: you ship your application, be sure to allow plenty of time. Send an email to  to let CBC know that you are applying, and ship your completed package through “JRS”, “LBC”, or other local shippers to the following address:

Cebu Bible College
c/o Arlene Sun
Minoza Street, Poblacion Talamban
Cebu City, Cebu 6000