Our History & Mission

Cebu Bible College is an independent theological and mission focused institution of higher education located in Cebu City, Philippines.  The purpose of the school since its inception has been to equip men and women to effectively communicate, minister and spread the Word of God in Southeast Asia through preaching, teaching, church planting, ministry leadership and life example; and to instill within our students a vision and a passion for local, national and world evangelism.

A secondary purpose of the school is also to edify and strengthen the local and national church by providing opportunities for current evangelists and ministers to continue their biblical education and spiritual development, and by hosting multi-congregational events that promote the church’s mission and purpose throughout the world.

The primary mission of the school is to be a catalyst for church planting and kingdom growth initiatives in the Philippines and beyond.  Since 2004, CBC graduates have been responsible for planting seven congregations on the island of Cebu alone; with many other graduates ministering in established congregations in the southern Philippines.  As God raises up more individuals, churches and foundations to partner with CBC to enlarge our facilities, develop new programs, and increase our student body; we believe that Cebu Bible College can and should do more.  We envision CBC growing to a student population of more than 50 in the next 3 years, with CBC graduates planting 2 or more churches each year in the Philippines.  And we believe that CBC will becoming a center for missions and church planting throughout South East Asia; sending missionaries and planting churches beyond the borders of the Philippines.

CBC was founded in 1988 through the mission efforts of churches of Christ in Nashville, TN.  Jeff Shelton, a US missionary sponsored by the Rural Hill church in Nashville, established the school and directed CBC until returning to US in 2002.  Since 2002, the school has been led and directed by Marvin Whitt, and overseen by the San Saba church of Christ in San Saba, Texas.  As Marvin returns to the US in 2013, Mark VanDyke will become the 3rd director of the school and the Southside church of Christ in Lexington, KY will assume oversight of the school.  Since its inception, the school has been primarily funded by individual Christians and congregations of churches of Christ in the US and Asia.

The CBC education is designed to be both ACADEMICALLY challenging and MINISTRY focused.  The school focuses on the following:

  1. Quality instruction in Bible and church ministry.

Cebu Bible College offers both Associate and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Bible, patterned after degree curriculums found in U.S. Christian colleges and minister training schools.  The educational curriculum provides students with not only an overview of God’s redeeming message for mankind, but a detailed investigation of the message of the individual books of the Bible.

  1. Strong emphasis on a sound approach to Bible study.

CBC attempts to equip every student with a working knowledge of sound Bible hermeneutics, thus motivating them to become life-long students of the Bible.  CBC encourages self-discovery of Bible truths, thus providing an atmosphere where students are free to seek, explore, and think for themselves as they struggle to make the Christian faith their own.

  1. Teaching students to be effective in their ministry.

Helping students learn biblical truth is only the first step in helping them learn how to use these truths in daily life. Therefore, the program at CBC seeks to:

  • Help the student learn how to be effective at making disciples and bringing the lost to Christ. Students are taught how to find prospects (identify people who the Lord is drawing toward him), and how to progressively disciple them and lead them to the Lord.
  • Help the student focus on understanding the call to be a minister of the Gospel, and to learn how to be most productive in their efforts so that the kingdom will grow as a result of their labor.
  • Help the student develop the social skills and character by which he can effectively reach people with the good news of Jesus. Students are encouraged to be prompt in appointments, efficient in the use of time, self-disciplined, self-motivated, professional in appearance; with high moral standards and unquestioned integrity.

  1. Strong emphasis on practical training and application.
  • From the beginning, students are taught how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and are required to spend at least five hours each week focused on evangelism and discipleship in the local Community.
  • Students also participate in evangelistic campaigns each semester supporting new church plants and congregations who are reaching out to their community.
  • Local congregations provide opportunities for students to develop their gifts and talents in preaching, teaching, and worship leading. Additional opportunities exist within local congregations for receiving practical experience in working with children’s ministry, youth ministry, and local community outreach.
  • Students pursuing a BA degree in Bible and Ministry are required to complete at least 5 years of internship before receiving their diploma. The process is as follows; (1) each summer, CBC students will intern with a congregation in the Central Philippines for a minimum of eight weeks under the supervision of an experienced minister; (2) after completing four years of study, the student will complete a one year internship with a congregation anywhere in the nation. Once this internship is successfully completed, the student will formally graduate.
  • A college campus ministry program, supervised by the CBC administration, trains those who would like to specialize in ministry to college youth, by working with recognized campus ministries established in conjunction with local congregations.

  1. Development of the Student’s Mind and Heart.

CBC is committed to helping students grow in “wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man”.  A CBC degree is intended to not only represent academic development, but also maturity in life skills such as social service, communication, and integrity.  We recognize that after graduation, a student’s character, productivity, attitudes and ethics will have as much impact on the community in revealing Christ and His Church as their biblical knowledge and expertise.

Therefore, CBC not only gives academic assignments geared toward developing the student academically, but also strives to develop the student’ spirit and character.  Therefore, just as students are graded on their academic achievements; they are also trained and measured on character, personal conduct, attitudes and practical achievements to help them become effective and productive in their faith.

  1. Edifying the Local and National Church

CBC is also committed to edifying and building up the church through evangelistic campaigns, planting new churches, and by sponsoring workshops, seminars and fellowship events that promote the church’s mission and purpose.

  • Church planting and evangelistic campaign assistance

CBC works in conjunction with local and national congregations to initiate evangelistic outreach campaigns and to plant churches in under-reached communities.  CBC supports these initiatives by sending students to support local congregations in community evangelistic outreach campaigns; and by providing teachers, students, and graduates to initiate and support pioneering works and church planting initiatives.

  • Sponsoring and providing a venue for church events.

The facility and grounds of Cebu Bible College and TCI provide an excellent venue for Christians from the entire region or country to assemble.  Cebu Bible College and the Talamban church, whose properties make up the campus, host inter-congregational fellowships, seminars, workshops, youth gatherings, and summer camps. In addition, Christians from abroad work with and visit the campus, offering encouragement and instruction to the students and the brotherhood, thus helping to broaden the local church’s perspective on the mission of the church to go and make disciples!